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See what our happy customers have to say about Quote & Print!

The Lamson Group are a Trade Only partner with many print and communication companies in their Group. We serve printers, print managers, copy shops, mailing houses and advertising agencies. We also own a business in Manila focussed on dedicated virtual teams to help these channels survive and prosper.

The Lamson Group have been using the Quote & Print System since 1991, which was back when Q&P existed in DOS. It would be fair to say that we have grown with Q&P over many years.

As a Group focussed on innovation we encourage Q&P users to sit down with Q&P to understand better what MIS (Management Information System) capabilities they have now and how to utilise them more effectively. This engagement would be worth every minute.

It’s absolutely vital for printers to understand their costs accurately and know how to be leaner before determining what price to sell a job for. It’s been said that the average Q&P user only uses 40% of the capability of the system. What a great opportunity!

Using an MIS effectively is the first rule for a better print business and that really means using the MIS to the best of its capability. If you’re not on support, your competitors will get the edge on you via access to newer leaner processes.

We encourage printing businesses to work on using Q&P to its full potential, to engage with the Q&P team to understand the power that is under the hood.

At The Lamson Group, as we have diversified into a range different businesses we have taken the Q&P MIS with us into these new areas.

I am personally more than happy to meet and speak to any print-related companies that are interested or using Q&P to discuss best practice and our experiences.

We exist to serve our channel partners and we thank Q&P for their continued support.

A Testimonial from Rodney Frost, Group General Manager – THE LAMSON GROUP

“Scott Print has been a user of the Quote & Print Software for over 9 years. During that time we have never looked back – using other software systems before, we found them complicated, unforgiving and hard to use.

This is not the case with Quote & Print – we now have a very easy to use system which helps us run and manage every operation from estimating through to managing Internet warehouse orders. With Quote & Print your information requirements will all vary, you have the flexibility to keep it very simple or run in-depth reports if required. You can run a report on jobs due today, evaluate all costs when the job is completed or look at the sales history of your clients. No one can run a business in today’s economic climate with out knowing all your costs and overheads – ‘quickly and accurately’.

Quote & Print is always improving using input from all its users to provide changes as are requirement and our customer requirements change. This has seen the Internet Logistic module grow to include credit card payments and standard stationery templates sending print ready PDF’s to our prepress.

Any computer system still requires good information to be in put in to get good information out (i.e. garbage in – garbage out). A good Management Information System (MIS) is a must for any business big or small and we will continue to recommend Quote & Print for its outstanding benefit to print companies.”

The Team – Scott Print

“I am writing to let you know that the Quote & Print package I purchased at PacPrint01 has been a great success.

After talking to fellow printers and visiting other software sellers at the show, I realized your produce would best suit our business. Its easy and logical interface meant the learning curve was quite short. We were doing live quotes on the first day! Once we started to learn the program, the detail in the background has allowed us to fine tune even the most complex quotes.

We now do a lot of quotes while people wait and usually get an immediate order for the job. Quote & Print has helped us to find costs that we weren’t recovering and to win jobs that we were losing as we were quoting too high.

The support from Quote & Print has also been terrific. On the few occasions I have had to ring or email, I’ve had an immediate response with the issue being resolved in minutes. For North West Press, purchasing Quote & Print has certainly been a success.”

Geoff Ward – North West Press

International Testimonials…

See what our happy International Customers have to say about Quote & Print!


Mr. Lee Kai Hiong

Managing Director – Union Label Industries

“With Quote & Print, we can have greater visibility over our operations because every department has access to a centralised data system. Business operations are streamlined through the use of an integrated software platform.”


Mr. James Lui

Chairman – Ngai Heng Book Binder

“One of the reasons why we chose to implement Quote & Print was their experience in the print industry. Another compelling reason was local support. Past experience tells us that we need reliable support for our ERP because it affects the core operations of the company. We cannot afford to have our ERP down for even a few hours.”


Ms. Sylvia Tan

Director – Printmore

“We pride ourselves on speed, competitive prices and quality. To bring Printmore to greater heights, we need to push our limits further. Quote & Print came in at the right time as it allows us to generate quotes within seconds. I reduced customers’ waiting times, and also generated more quotes than before.”


Mr. Michael Phang

Managing Director – Percetakan Zanders

“Quote & Print has created a roadmap of guiding us into a reliable platform of our management information system (MIS). It gives us a complete value creation towards our customer base and provides the solution for us to stay ahead in this dynamic and challenging environment.”

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